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 The foregoing information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and is given to LightStar Financial Services, LLC and Heartland Capital Funding, LLC to induce LFS, LLC to consider entering into a factoring agreement with this company, or have this information assigned to another creditor. I/we have been expressively authorized to grant LFS, LLC or its agents to verify and investigate any and all the foregoing statements, including, but not limited to my/our credit worthiness and financial responsibility, in any way LFS, LLC chooses. I/we grant LFS, LLC the right to procure any and all credit reports pertaining to any party affiliated with the corporate applicant, including all principals of the applicant company. I/we grant LFS, LLC the right to request a consumer credit and/or background reports as necessary. This application authorizes LFS,LLC to file one or more Initial Financing Statements in any or all Uniform Commercial Code jurisdictions, which reflect the Applicants assets pledged and the collateral as "all assets" for the benefit of the financing application.